Sunday, September 02, 2018

More Than Your Ordinary Garden Variety Negro

     Well boys and girls. 23AndMe came back with my ancestry results based on my submitted DNA.
      And while they only give a very general idea of where I come from, it was interesting to say the least.
      Basically, the dominant locations are: 62.6% Sub-Saharan African (well, duh) 25.6% of that major group is Nigerian, 12.7% Broadly West African. 7.1% Coastal West African 6.3% Coastal West African and the rest, a smattering from various regions of Africa.
      I have a sizable amount of European in me. Over a third, 35.3% of which British and Irish make up 20.5% 8.1% Broadly NW European, and about 2% French and German.  Which doesn't surprise me because it's a fact that slave masters were well-known for impregnating their slave women.
       And the rest of the major groups 1.3% Native American and . 5% South Asian.
       As all my parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters as well as nieces, nephews, cousins, etc are either dead or basically estranged, I can't discuss any of this with them. I share the same mother but different fathers with the rest of my siblings. I  know the family lineage on my mother's side, know little of my father's side and was told a little about the family on my other sibling's side, but I'm pretty sure that most of them are dead by now.  
     In some ways, 23AndMe didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I'm black and I have a sizable amount of British and Irish in me.  A lot of Black folks are.
     I remember my father telling me a very long time ago that I had some Irish in me. But he never went into details.
      But 23AndMe crunched the numbers and broke it down into general categories. And it was only $69 bucks. All that info from just spitting into a test tube, a rather gross exercise, by the way.
      So I'm more than just your ordinary garden variety Negro. My Brit and Irish side betray my love for soccer, my bad teeth and my taste for Irish Whiskey.

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