Saturday, October 27, 2018

On Today's Shooting at Tree of Life.

     There is a reason why churches, synagogues, etc call their worship space a sanctuary. A sanctuary should be a place where people can worship God in whatever form they choose in spirit and in truth. A sanctuary should be a place where people can come to worship and have no fear that the violence of the outside world will intrude on their sacred space.
      But as had been seen in Charleston, SC when a sick individual gunned down nine people who were at worship, and at Tree of Life, today where at least 11 were gunned down while worshipping the God of peace, the outside world has made its way into the sacred space and defiled it, blasphemed it, and shed innocent blood.  
      The President put the blame on the synagogue for not having adequate protection (meaning armed guards?)
      Is this what we've come to? That we must worship God with armed guards to keep us safe?  Is that what is needed?
       I'm not sure what the answer is, but it's a sad day when we cannot even worship God without having armed guards to protect us.
      And if there was an armed guard in the space and the gunman came in, who would he go after first? Right, the armed guard. 
      And if something like this can happen in Squirrel Hill, one of Pittsburgh's safest and highest profile  communities, then no where is safe.
      May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon them. And may the God of healing and peace provide those things to those who's lives were irreparably changed by today's incident.

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