Saturday, February 17, 2018

Which God--The Reprise

I always see these memes that say the country went into the shitter when we 'took God out of the schools,' Ostensibly, this means that if we put God back into the schools, everything will be all right.

Problem is, which God should we put back? The God of the Abrahamic faiths? (Christianity, Judaism, Islam),  The Hindu pantheon? The myriad of gods of the Buddhist and Shinto faiths?  The various gods of different tribal groups in Africa and South American jungles? Let's go old school and bring back the ancient Greek and Roman gods. Maybe go up North and check out the Norse deities. Or, what the hell, we're in the United States, let's go with the God of American Exceptionalism. 

Why don't we just bring them all back and let the kids pick and choose. And while we're at it, if we have to bring back gods, we also give the assorted devil's, demons and denizens of the underworld equal access.

  We can't just go with ONE God. What about the kids who don't believe in him, her, it, whatever? We can't let them be left out.

Inclusiveness is the order of the day.

And what about the weird kid who worships the blob of gum stuck to his shoe, Wrig-Lee? Doesn't his choice of savior warrant some attention?

  I don't get it, someone enlighten me on which God should go back into the public schools to put the kiddies back on to the straight and narrow, so they won't be wanting to kill each other with the crap-ton of guns we have in this country. #JustSayin

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Problem isn't the gun...

The problem isn't the gun. Guns are tools. They have no soul, no ethics, no sense of right or wrong.

A gun is merely a set of mechanical parts put together to do one thing. Fire a bullet.

A gun can be used to put meat on your table. It can be used to defend your home against a robber. It can be used to kill in cold blood. A gun is really no different than a hammer. A hammer can drive a nail into a piece of wood. It can also be used to cave someone's skull in.

A gun can be used for good or evil. The gun does not make the decision to put meat on a table or to kill someone in cold blood. The person wielding the gun makes that decision.

As much of a hard on America has with guns, take them away, people will still find ways to kill each other. Guns make the act of killing a little easier, but humans will always find a way of killing their fellow man, if they want to badly enough.

The important thing is to keep the gun out of the hands of those who will use it to kill. Probably won't stop them from killing though. If a person wants to kill badly enough, they'll use a gun, a hammer, a tire iron, a baseball bat, or any number of things that can be pressed into service to end life. And I don't see people wanting to make hammers, tire irons, and baseball bats illegal.

I'm not some gun nut who has an NRA shrine in my back yard. I don't even own a gun. But I have any number of things within arm's length, I can use to kill someone. None of which are illegal to own or use as they are intended. 

The decision to kill rests with every person. Whether they use a gun or not, makes no difference. #JustSayin

The Benefits of Being Off the Market

I'm actually kind of happy I'm off the market in terms of dating.

Saves me a boat load of money. I can come and go as I please. I don't have to leave whenever my significant other decides to go.

I don't have to dress to impress. I don't have to be dragged to boring  events to meet with her friends, who most likely will gossip about me being totally unsuited for her, and with  whom I would rather stuff my head into a wood chipper than spend five minutes with. 

And any woman who ends up getting into a relationship with me will most likely be disappointed with who she ended up with and will either break up with me or cheat on me.

So I save myself a bunch of heartache and drama as well. It's all about living life with as few hassles as possible, kids. #JustSayin