Saturday, June 02, 2018

Trump is about Trump

     Boys and Girls. If you learn one thing, learn this. Trump is neither a liberal nor a conservative. Trump is neither a Democrat nor a Republican.
     Trump does not give two shits about anything except Trump. Whatever gets him over, to use a wrestling term,  he is about. All he cares about is what people say about him and what he can say to make himself look good to others.              Doesn't make a difference what he says and to whom he says it. It is all about what makes him look good.
     He rewards and respects those who talk good things about him and makes him look like a big noise, and he punishes those who talk bad about him and make him look like a loser.
      Right now, he's got the Republican party digging his song and dance, but if parroting Democratic principles made them fawn all over him, he'd switch sides in a minute.
      And Democrats would fall in line behind him. Why does he inject himself into things that should have nothing to do with him?  Because he is a Mark 1 Mod 1 narcissist.  He only cares about himself. And if what he does helps others, that is gravy to him. A mere side effect. 
     Trump is about Trump, first, second and last. And the quicker the country learns this and acts accordingly, the better. #JustSayin

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Where Others Zig, I Zag.

What others reject, I embrace. I'll dance with the homliest girl at the party, and date her too. If I lived in Chicago, I'd choose the White Sox over the Cubs. When I lived in the Bay Area, I chose the A's over the Giants.
     I'd have bought the bumblebee Stiller throwbacks just because so many people hated them. I support Everton when everybody pulls for Liverpool. When the crowd zigs, I zag.         Whatever the cool kids flock to, I run from. I hung with the geeks, and those who had no clique to run with in high school. We made our own damn clique. 
      I celebrate what others turn away from. If I had the cash to buy a Stiller or Penguin jersey, I wouldn't get a Roethlisberger, Brown, Crosby, or Malkin jersey. I'd show love for the obscure players. Those who's name would have never been seen on the back of a fan. I once had a Stiller jersey  from Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala.  How obscure is that?
      I went to the college that was considered the 5th horse in a 4 horse race among Pittsburgh area D1 colleges. Yes, Robert Morris is a D1 college, as hard as it is for some of yinz to comprehend.  I don't do cool. I don't do trendy, anyone who's ever seen the way I dress can attest to that.
      Instead of going to some big honking megachurch with a staff listing resembling a Fortune 500 company that used live animals at their Christmas pageant, that pulls in an offering at one service what  my church pulls in a year, and where the pastor drives a Bentley, I go to a small, working Episcopal Church in Homewood where the pastor drives a Volkswagen. I don't follow crowds. I take the path less traveled.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We Are America.

     Veterans are no different than the rest of America. We come in different shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, political affiliations.
     We are America! The only difference is that we did what 93% of Americans didn't do. We put on the uniform, swore an oath, gave up a sizable amount of our rights, some of us gave up our lives as well to serve this country.
      Some saw combat, others waited in the wings. Some flew planes, drove tanks, carried a gun. Some drove ships, shot missiles and guns, some ran storerooms, cooked meals, others fixed sewer systems, took care of paperwork, made sure people got paid, healed the sick and pulled teeth.
      Some had jobs that were plastered on recruiting posters, and were the subject of thrillers and TV shows. Others did the grungy dirty work that supported the elites that went unnoticed.
      We all did our part. We worked long hours under dangerous conditions for crap pay. No one joins for the money. They join because in some way, they feel that this country, with all its flaws, weaknesses and problems is worth serving and defending.
        We're no different than any other American. No better, no worse. Our country called, we answered. That's the difference. The honor is ours to serve.