Wednesday, January 09, 2019

A New Post Record on Teh Scribbler.

      Just realized, I set a record on my blog, The Moonlight Scribbler, the greatest blog no one's ever read.
       In 2018, I posted 51 posts to the blog. Which smashes the 39 post record set in 2009. Mostly the long, rambling Facebook status messages that I usually post when I have a burr under my saddle for one reason or another. I'll copy and paste them to the blog, where they'll sit unread, neglected and unloved like the blind, sterile, three-legged lost puppy named Lucky
      Due to Facebook's insidiously evil curating post algorithm that selectively decides to post what THEY think their users want to see, some of that stuff probably never saw the light of day on Zuck's Folly.
      And being that I spoke disparagingly of Teh Facebook just now, that guarantees that this post might not be seen either.   Which means you can go to to see those gems as well as the other 294 blog posts that have existed on my little piece of digital real estate on teh Internets since April 6th 2006. #ShamelessSelfPromotion #MoonlightScribbler

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