Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Glory Hallelujah!

     This is my response to those Trumpies that say that their boy has done more for black folks than any other President in history.

     Trump has actually done more for the black community since any president in history?
More than freeing the slaves?
More than signing the Civil Rights Act?
More than desegregating the military?  More than ending Jim Crow?
More than granting black folks the right to vote?
More than allowing us to sit at the lunch counter at Woolworth's so we could have a burger and a Coke with white folks?
     Those who believe that, did they actually ASK any black people whether that statement is true, or as usual, did they get that from Trump's Twitter account again or Fox News, Breitbart, or other right wing propaganda? 
     Trump, you say?
You mean the same guy who perpetuated the whole birther thing against Obama? The same guy who's old man discriminated against blacks in housing? The same guy who took out the full page ad in the NY Times who advocated for the death penalty for the Central Park 5, who were ultimately judged not guilty in the attack on the Central Park jogger?        
     That Trump? Oh please tell me more.  Enlighten me. Please tell me how dat nice Mista Trump done helped us poor darkies break our chains so we could be free! Glory Hallelujah! Praise Jesus and Mista Donald Trump!!

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