Tuesday, January 08, 2019

How Trump can pay for his wall.

     I know how Trump can build his wall. He's ostensibly a billionaire, he can pay for the wall himself. Only $5 billion and change. He can swing that with the spare change he finds down the back of his sofa. Or shake down Melania for the rest.
      By building the wall with his own money, he can decide how it  looks. He slather it with gold. He can make it as tacky and over the top as his hotels. He can put his name all over it.
      He can claim victory because he can say to his adoring base that he was able to do something that no one else could. That HE alone solved America's immigration problem without help from the government.
      And imagine how much federal money he could save. He could get some of the undocumented workers that slave away at his properties to build it. He could call it the Official Donald J. Trump International Limited Edition Grand Edifice. He could charge his supporters $1,000 a pop for meet and greets with pictures of them standing with him at the base of the wall.
      Every 10 feet, there'd be a giant 'T' in silver on the wall. There would be giant waterspouts on the top of the wall. Tourists could drop a deuce in specially designer porta potties with solid gold shitters. Five star chefs could cook Trump steaks on hibachis. It would be absolutely MAGA to the tenth power!!

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