Monday, February 04, 2019

Move Over Little Stillers, the Big Ol' Pats Are Moving In.

     In retrospect. The Patriots succeed because of one simple philosophy. Simple in explanation, not so simple in execution. 
      They don't need the best 53 players on their team, only the RIGHT 53 players on their team. And I think the Steelers need to adopt that philosophy.
       The Steelers had great players, good enough to win hardware, but they always come up short. But the Patriots, love or hate them, they get other teams castoffs, leftovers and bench warmers and win Super Bowls. 
       Maybe it's time for the Rooneys to stop going after the AB's and LeVeon's that are strong in talent, but are more into burnishing their brand, and go after the guys that aren't necessarily first round draft picks, but are hungry and are willing to put their heads down and grind for team and titles.
       Guys like Juju are one thing. He likes the spotlight, but he also puts the team first.  But we don't need divas and high maintenance drama queens who're more interested in Instagram likes than being solid teammates who put the squad ahead of themselves.
     Those kind of players are out there, the Patriots don't have a corner on that market, but the Steelers need to go after them.
      Maybe it's time for a change of scenery for both the Rooneys and for Tomlin. Maybe it's time for a mutual parting of the ways. Buy out Tomlin's contract. Let him resign and save face.
       But the top of the Super Bowl mountain now has two. And it's time for the original occupant to kick the usurper out.

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