Sunday, March 24, 2019

Smug Ass White People.

    I'm off of Facebook for a day or so. The comments left by certain people with white faced avatars showing joy and making snarky remarks about Antwon Rose and expressing relief that the cop that shot him in cold blood was found not guilty have rubbed my nerves raw. 
      I don't hate all white people. I have more white friends than I have black ones on Facebook. And I love those white folks who showed love for me. 
      But right now, those white folks who show such callous disregard for a mother's loss are casting a long and undeserved shadow over the good white folks that I know and love.
       Yeah, the kid should not have run. He should have stopped and allowed himself to face the justice system. But the officer who shot him was under no duress. His life was not threatened. The officer could have called backup and had them find the kid and put him into custody. He was in control of the situation until he lost control. 
       But now two lives are ruined. And right now, I'm not feeling white people right now. This country does not give two shits about black people, and it hasn't since the first slaves got here 400 years ago. We're only good as long as the country can make a buck off our blood, sweat and muscle. As long as we do as we're told and keep our mouths shut.  I give up.

      What I need to do is stop looking at the comments in the various posts re: the trial.
       So many self righteous pieces of s**t crowing about "All he had to do was not run from the police."
        Yeah, he should not have run. He should of complied. But people do stupid things when they're scared.  The cop may have been in his right to shoot the kid, but his job is to catch the bad guys and put them into custody. Not execute them.
       This isn't Mega City One and Rosfeld wasn't Judge Dredd. He could have called backup and had them pursue the kid.  He had options. But he chose the easiest one.  Now he'll have to relive his decision for the rest of his life. While Antwon Rose, due to a fatal decision he made, won't get to see how the rest of his life may turn out.
      There is blame on both sides. But the police try to gain the trust of the black community, they try to erase the history that black people have with dealing with the cops.  But all it takes is one incident like this and all that progress goes up in smoke. Black folks have long memories.  
       And all this does is make the cop's job that much harder, and it makes our communities that much more dangerous because the gang bangers and the thugs know that the community will hesitate to cooperate with the police. Which gives them the green light to commit their crimes and hold our community hostage.
        There are so many symptoms to the problems plaguing the black community. And while racism and white supremacy are large parts of the problem, there are things that only the community can solve.
         We have to teach our young men to not settle beefs at gunpoint. We have to teach our young men to respect women and take care of them. Most black men worship the ground their mothers walk on. To criticize a black man's mother is to invite a fight. We should be the same way about the women in our lives. But the problems are generational. There is plenty of blame on all sides. Maybe, just maybe this incident is the one that brings the community to it's senses.
      But we've had so many of our men killed by the cops and each other. And we've marched and protested and had 'Stop The Violence' rallies, and still we just keep killing each other.
       When will it end? What is the tipping point. We know what the problems are, we just don't need smug ass white people reminding us of them.

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