Wednesday, September 11, 2019

You Suck, Nutjob!

      So the Buccos have officially booked another losing season. 23 in their last 27 seasons. 8 out of 12 under Boob Nutjob's tenure as owner.  

        Congratulations, Boob. You suck.

         And I don't even like baseball. You have made a proud franchise into a laughing stock. In Pittsburgh, you'd lose a popularity contest to Osama Bin Laden.  You have taken one of the finest ballparks in baseball and erased any home field advantage the Pirates ever had.          
          You've substituted fireworks, bobbleheads, meaningless promotions and fripperies for on field success that would bring  more fans thru the turnstiles and make you more money  than "Take Your Dog To The Game" ever will. 
          When will it end? Will the long suffering fans in Pittsburgh ever see another NL pennant, much less a World Series flag fly at PNC Park?  Or are the fans going to continue to go around and around and around on the carousel from Hell hearing the same old excuses again, and again and again. 
           Boob, when will you sell the team? How much more blood can you wring from this desiccated franchise, this city, these fans?  You can only kick a dog so many times before he turns on you, or runs away. The fans are turning and slowly, they are running away.  
            I could go on, but I'm done. Boob won't see this, and even if he did, he doesn't care. He makes money playing in an empty stadium. And as long as he's making money, he won't sell. We'll have to wait until he takes a dirt nap before he loosens his grip on this team, this city and these fans.  I'm not calling for him to be assassinated, but if Boob Nutjob were to keel over anytime soon, Pittsburgh would breathe a sigh of relief heard from out in space.

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