Wednesday, January 09, 2019

It's too damn easy to get a CCW.

     This will probably piss some of the gun types off, but...the problem that I have with Pennsylvania's concealed carry permit rules is that NO TRAINING IS REQUIRED TO GET ONE!
      That means that any swinging dick can go to their Sheriff's office and apply for a permit to carry a gun, and they don't have to show any expertise in how to use the thing.  I could walk three blocks down to the Sheriff's office in the County Courthouse, plunk down $14, and  the Sheriff can issue me a permit to carry a lethal weapon despite the fact that the last time I fired a gun was 39 years ago in boot camp. I don't even have to know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of. 
     Now, it's safe to say that most people who get a concealed carry license have at least some semblance of training in weapons safety. Maybe they were a cop or a veteran, (BTW, do not assume that every military veteran knows how to handle a gun. I fired a .45 in boot camp in two days of small arms training, and never laid hands on another one in my six year tour in the Nav. Plenty of jobs in the services have nothing to do with firing a weapon.)  or they just learned to fire a gun from their relatives. Or they took a weapons safety course. If you have that kind of experience and can produce evidence of it, fine. The fact that the Sheriff does not require an applicant to show it when applying for a CCW, causes no end of concern to me. As much as it may smack on gun control to the Second Amendment zealots, if I ran the state, I'd require someone applying for a CCW to show proof that they have gone thru a proper weapons safety course.  Now, the thing is, all the weapons safety courses in the world won't do you a bit of good, if you're hearing voices in your head telling you to shoot up a school, a church, a nightclub, etc. People doing stuff like that have a screw loose and need mental health care before they hurt someone or themselves. But what if you have some otherwise safe, sane guy with a CCW that has had a bad day, the car won't start, the spouse is on their case, their dog died, they lost their job, all that crap builds up, they get madder and madder and something snaps and before they know it, their gun is out and they're drawing on somebody?  This is such a complex and emotional subject with no quick simple answers, but it does cheese me off that it's that friggin easy to get a license to carry a lethal weapon. #JustSayin

A New Post Record on Teh Scribbler.

      Just realized, I set a record on my blog, The Moonlight Scribbler, the greatest blog no one's ever read.
       In 2018, I posted 51 posts to the blog. Which smashes the 39 post record set in 2009. Mostly the long, rambling Facebook status messages that I usually post when I have a burr under my saddle for one reason or another. I'll copy and paste them to the blog, where they'll sit unread, neglected and unloved like the blind, sterile, three-legged lost puppy named Lucky
      Due to Facebook's insidiously evil curating post algorithm that selectively decides to post what THEY think their users want to see, some of that stuff probably never saw the light of day on Zuck's Folly.
      And being that I spoke disparagingly of Teh Facebook just now, that guarantees that this post might not be seen either.   Which means you can go to to see those gems as well as the other 294 blog posts that have existed on my little piece of digital real estate on teh Internets since April 6th 2006. #ShamelessSelfPromotion #MoonlightScribbler

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

How Trump can pay for his wall.

     I know how Trump can build his wall. He's ostensibly a billionaire, he can pay for the wall himself. Only $5 billion and change. He can swing that with the spare change he finds down the back of his sofa. Or shake down Melania for the rest.
      By building the wall with his own money, he can decide how it  looks. He slather it with gold. He can make it as tacky and over the top as his hotels. He can put his name all over it.
      He can claim victory because he can say to his adoring base that he was able to do something that no one else could. That HE alone solved America's immigration problem without help from the government.
      And imagine how much federal money he could save. He could get some of the undocumented workers that slave away at his properties to build it. He could call it the Official Donald J. Trump International Limited Edition Grand Edifice. He could charge his supporters $1,000 a pop for meet and greets with pictures of them standing with him at the base of the wall.
      Every 10 feet, there'd be a giant 'T' in silver on the wall. There would be giant waterspouts on the top of the wall. Tourists could drop a deuce in specially designer porta potties with solid gold shitters. Five star chefs could cook Trump steaks on hibachis. It would be absolutely MAGA to the tenth power!!