Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Imagine if I'd Actually Gone to My Prom.

Seeing all these prom pictures on teh Facebook reminds me that I didn't go to my prom in high school.

One, I couldn't find a girl even remotely interested in going with me, much less being seen with me. Course it would have helped if I would have actually ASKED someone, but I was a social misfit in high school. I played soccer and hung out with the teletype machines that were in our computer lab. (Yes, I go back to Data General teletypes, acoustic modems and dialing into a mainframe at Brashear to write programs on paper tape. We thought we were the shit, back then.)

I dreaded rejection, and while I knew a couple of girls, they weren't in the cool club, which would have turned their noses up at me so high, they'd have scraped the ceiling.

Two, I couldn't afford to go. $35 for a prom ticket was a lot of money for a poor assed kid in 1980 and the monkey suit, the corsage and all the other accouterments would have broken the bank.

Besides, I would have been bored shitless. I am the classic exception to the rule that all black people can dance. No rhythm whatsoever. I would have just sat there watching a bunch of kids I didn't care that much about having fun with their various cliques (And the 'Dice was a VERY cliquey school back in the 70's!)

And I'd be just sitting there like a lost puppy. Pretty sure that any date I'd have had would have ditched me from the jump. Except for a few moments of NSFW fun, high school sucked by and large. And I went to a good high school.

But it's reputation didn't rub off on me.  I maintain that everything I learned about life I got in elementary school and grades 8-12 were essentially a black hole. Park Place was awesome and still keep my classmates from the 309 close to my heart.  But it all went to shit when Reizenstein opened, and it never got better at Allderdice. At least it was fun watching Mr. Fisher chasing class cutters and snatching hats off the heads of guys in school.