Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Trump, The Media Whore

      Trump is the quintessential media whore. He cannot stand being out of the limelight. He cannot stand not being the center of attention. To him, the world revolves around him.  If, in the extremely rare case, he is not in the news, he finds a way to insert himself into the news.
       The worst vacation for Trump is to be at some remote place by himself with no Twitter, no cell/internet access, no access to Fox News, no smartphone, no way to promote himself, or seeing himself being promoted.
        Trump is a showman.  As far as he is concerned he's the warm up act, the headliner, he sells the tickets, as well as the popcorn, although he leaves the cleaning up to others.  He is consumed with people talking about him and telling him about how great he is. He thrives on adoration and hatred. If he says something controversial and gets no reaction, it would drive him nuts. He doesn't care if you love him or hate him, as long as you're talking about him.
         And I think that's one thing that drives liberals crazy. The more dumb things Trump says and does, the more pissed liberals get, which makes him say and do more stupid things. It's a vicious circle.
          Same thing with conservatives. The more outrageous stuff Trump says, the more excited and passionate his base gets, which gives him the green light to say more outrageous stuff.  Trump gets it from both sides and it works for him.
           And the older he gets, the looser his grip on reality. At this rate, should he win re-election in 2020, (which is very possible given the Chinese fire drill that is the Democrats' current slate of contenders), by 2024, reality will slip thru Trump's hands like water.