Friday, November 29, 2019

In My Simplicity, lies Complexity.

       People often ask me why, at 57, I am still single, childless, and don't even have a girlfriend. (Actually, they don't. I just needed a spur to go off on this meaningless riff.)
      Reason's simple to my admittedly simple way of thinking.  The more people I add to my life on a close intimate basis (at the level of a significant other or dependent) the more problems I have to deal with.
        I try to live my life with as few problems as possible. My problems are many and varied, and I'm at my wit's end dealing with them. Adding the problems of a significant other, kids, etc increases my problems exponentially. And I don't need that level of stress in my life. 
          I'm used to being alone. And living a solitary life. I have friends.  But my exposure to their problems is much less.  And believe me, they don't need to deal with my problems. And i'm not the easiest person to deal or live with. 
          I don't like living by other's schedule or expectations. I like to keep s**t simple.  But in my simplicity, there is a remarkable amount of complexity. But it's mine and mine alone to work around. I embrace the solitary life. Even when it drives me crazy. I'm doing the world a great service by living like I do. You're welcome. 😆😆