Sunday, April 19, 2020

Protest If You Want, But...

My feeling about these protestors hankering to reopen their state. If you're over 18, you're an adult and are responsible for your decisions.
     You want to roll the dice on your life that you'll survive this bug if you go out and gather in large groups, disregard social distancing, and pay no attention to what the experts are saying about how this bug spreads, go ahead. Knock yourself out. If your dumb ass dies due to your stupidity, you're a grown ass man or woman. Live or die with the consequences. 
     It's too bad this bug doesn't discriminate between those who are taking the advice and those who choose to put their head in the lion's mouth. This thing is going about willy-nilly grabbing anybody it wants. No one is immune. All you can do is minimize your exposure.
     But there are those who have to learn things the hard way I guess. I feel sorry for those who have to pay for the stupidity of those who choose to tempt fate. Those innocent family members who lose a loved one if they are infected by COVID-19 while doing this protest.
     It's a pain in the ass that we have to shut down the country until this thing runs its course.  Especially those who were made jobless. I lost my job for a month. Hated it. For those who are jobless for months, this is like slow torture. No one likes to go on unemployment. No one likes to rely on the government to throw them a bone. But until this bug goes away, unless you can find a gig that's functioning in this new world, that's all you can do.
     I like going to bookstores. I like having a beer or two at the Market District at Waterworks. I want to attend my church's services in person instead of via Zoom. I want to use the Riverhounds season tickets I paid $300 for to watch some sakkah. But that ain't happening for the foreseeable future. All we can do is figure out how to make due with what's available.  You can still go to restaurants, you just have to do take out. You can still put up the grill and barbecue, you just can't invite a bunch of people over. You can still watch TV, stream video, play video games. You can still walk your dog, have your kids play in the back yard.  This all has to be done with your family or a few trusted friends.
      Eventually this bug will go away. But it will go away quicker if we just keep doing what we're doing.  But humans in general and Americans in particular, are an impatient lot. We don't like being contained or told what to do. Which is why less than half of one percent of Americans join the military.  We want what we want, when we want and we're quick to wave the Constitution around when we don't get it.
Never mind that most Americans have never read the Constitution or knows what it means.  Or that non-citizens studying for the citizenship test know more about the damn thing than most native born Americans do. But we sure like quoting it.  But....I don't know. Let's just do what we have to do to get through this.  But do what you want. Just don't invite me to your funeral if you die whilst screaming for your 'freedom.'
      In the first part of my piece, my libertarian side popped up for a moment. Freedom does also mean allowing people to do things that can be bad for them but that freedom stops when it affects others. And that's where people lose the definition of freedom.  My freedom to swing my fist ends at your face. Your freedom to protest for the government to reopen your state stops when your family loses you because your disregard for social distancing and sheltering in place causes you to be infected by this bug and you end up hospitalized or dead.

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