Monday, June 01, 2020

Uncle P's Thoughts--Police and Protests

     Another thing. Please don't assume that because I'm black, I have inbred animosity towards the police. There are plenty of black folks who don't like the police, who flat out hate the police.         For a multitude of reasons.  Police for decades have been used by racist administrations at the state, county and local levels to enforce racist rules, laws and mores meant to harm black people. They have been used to deny black people justice, they have been used to persecute, torture, lynch and kill black people. They have been used to keep black people down and to deny them their rights.  Try and find at least one black person, who hasn't either been harassed, falsely accused, falsely arrested by police, or hasn't had a relative, acquaintance or loved one who hasn't been subject to unjust policing.
       But unless we choose to employ vigilantism to protect our neighborhoods, the police are what we have.  I am privileged in that I haven't had issues with police. I have never been stopped, harassed, or hassled by police.
       I am a security guard. I am the eyes and ears of the police, fire departments, and paramedics for the places I'm assigned to work. Police can't be everywhere. If something happens at one of my job sites, my job is to alert the first responders, and inform them as to what happened. My job is to give them the who, what, when, where, and how of an incident and leave it to them to figure out the why. It is important to me that I give them proper information so they can do their job. The client who contracts my guard agency to protect their property expects that, as do the first responders whom I contact.  When I talk to them I have to do so respectfully, professionally and with courtesy.  I give them the information they need and keep it moving.  It doesn't happen often that I have to deal with cops, but when I do, I have to give them what they need to do their job, and by doing so, I'm doing my job. 
     I am angered when I see police misuse their authority. I am angered when I see them abuse suspects and kill those whom they are responsible for bringing to justice. Cops are the tip of the spear, not the whole spear. Their job is to protect the community, enforce the law, catch the criminals and bring them to justice. They aren't judge, jury, and executioner. They aren't Judge Dredd and this isn't Mega City One. 
       I have nothing but respect for police. They have to deal with a lot of unpleasant characters. Human beings at their worst.  They are given great power and concomitant great responsibility.  But, they are human. They have to guard against becoming that which they protect us from. They can't let the badge go to their heads.  It's a job I couldn't do. I neither hate police, nor do I suck up to them. I see them for what they are and the job they are called to do. I congratulate them when they do the right thing and condemn them when they don't.  They are us. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

 RoboCop doesn't exist except in the movies .

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