Monday, August 03, 2020

Looking At My 20's Through 57 Year Old Eyes...

      Question to my FB peeps. Honest answer, kids. How many of you think I spend waaay too much time living in my past?  Especially the six years in the 80's that I was in the Navy.

     How many of you say to yourselves "Damn, I wish Pierre would stop his incessant obsession with stuff that happened 40 years ago. Those days are long over! Water under the bridge! Get with today's world! He's more than the Navy! He's grown beyond it! Leave it in the past. Bury and don't dig it up again!"  Or has he? Has he grown beyond it?

      Please, give me honest, frank opinion. 

      My justification. Those years, frankly, were (outside of years in college in the '90's), the best years of my life.  Since then, I've never gone so far, experienced so much, learned so much about myself as I did during those times. 
      And in retrospect, when I look at that 18-24 year old times with 57 year old eyes, I realize that I f****d up those opportunities I had. I could have gone much further. I made so many stupid decisions. I did good, I had fun. I worked my ass off. I'm proud of what I did.  And I saw things a lot of people would have never seen. 
       But I could have gone further, seen more, did more. Outside of my college years, my life this far has largely been routine. Work, eat, sleep, exist, repeat. 
        I've got friends on teh Facebook who've made something of their lives. And are still doing so. To them, their 20's were a mere chapter of their lives. My 20's were the whole  damn book. Seems like everything beyond the years of '80-86 and '92-00 was just a muddled mess. 14 years of excitement and accomplishments amidst 43 years of...blah!!!  Aaaanyway, tell me what you think and be honest.  
        Brutally, if you must.

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