Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Thanksgiving/ Christmas/New Year's Triple Whammy.

I'm not really feeling the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's Triple Whammy.

 Especially this year. In the case of Thanksgiving and Christmas, those are family holidays, best celebrated with family and loved ones.  As many of you know, family is not a big part of my life. All my close family are dead. Mother, Father, Grandparents, Sister, Brothers, that lot, all dead. 

Notice that I don't say that my relatives have "passed away", or "moved on", or are in a "better place." 

No, they're dead. 

I still have a few cousins and uncles, nieces and nephews, etc still kicking around. But I haven't talked to them in years. And I'm not really interested in renewing relations with them. 

We were never a close bunch. About the only time we got together was for weddings and funerals, and over the years, we had a lot of the latter and damn few of the former. I have no idea what or where my surviving relatives are, and I don't really care.  

I have some friends who kinda stand in for family.  But as nice as they are, they don't really replace blood. And this year has definitely put the kibosh on visiting my friends. I keep a policy of not hanging out with friends even if they are clear of the Covid bug, unless they invite me over. I don't go where I'm not welcome.  

But, pretty much, I go it alone. Not married, no girlfriend, not even a friend with benefits.  Just me.  I'm so used to doing the solo act that I probably have no idea about how to handle having someone in my life full time.  I'd probably end up screwing it up. I figure that any woman desperate enough to take up with me would be driven mad by my ways and end up leaving me, or worse, cheating on me.

 I fully intend on spending Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's alone at home watching TV and cuddled up with a nice six pack of decent beer. And my evergrowing collection of books of the dead tree and electronic variety. 

Not really feeling the upcoming onslaught of schmaltzy Holiday music.  The religious carols are fine. Christmas is first and foremost a religious holiday.  But the secular dreck, even the childhood favorites, I'd rather put my head into a wood chipper than subject my ears to that "Ho-Ho-Ho" horror. And once Thanksgiving ends, that crap will be on 24/7 until midnight on December 26, when, like the incessant political poop of our recent election, it all vanishes into the ether. 

 And of course, every store and radio station will be doing all Christmas, all the time over their air.  And Facebook and social media will be even more chock-a-bloc than usual with memes, inspirational posts and pictures of everybody celebrating with family.  Yeah, I'm not feeling these upcoming few weeks. I sure hope 2021 will be a damn sight better than 2020, because this year has been the drizzling shits. 

But for those of you who have close families who love each other, or at least don't hate each other, enjoy the upcoming holidays.  Love your relatives, no matter how much of a pain in the ass or batshit crazy they are. Because you never appreciate them fully until they're gone. Don't worry too much about me. I'm a hardy sort. I always figure out a way to amuse myself.

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