Monday, November 23, 2020

Trump and Televangelists ...

Know what's funny? Trump calling on all his supporters to cough up the bucks needed to pay for all these lawsuits that keep blowing up in his face. 

You know who also used to shake down their supporters for dubious causes?


You remember Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts and that whole rogues gallery of B-list Gospel hucksters who'd plead, beg, and cajole their viewers into sending them money to support their "ministries" (read, their bank accounts.) Because they believed that Gawd laid a burden on their heart that they needed paid for by the financial assistance of their "prayer warriors,"  Or some other Christianese bovine feces used to separate the faithful from their money. 

 You'd hear about the little old ladies who resorted to eating cat food because they signed over their social security checks to these fraudsters for some cheap "anointed" prayer cloth, or to have their preacher of choice "pray" for them.  When in fact that money went to pay for an air conditioned doghouse (Jim and Tammy Bakker) or that Bentley or private jet, or the $5,000 suit or the $10,000 mink coat or the 20,000 seat mega church that God told them that they HAD to have in order to propagate His word throughout the world.  And the people would eat that shit up. And the money kept rolling in. 

The Christian media industrial complex brings in billions of dollars beaming out the Gospel to anyone who wants to hear it. And televangelists keep shouting to anyone standing still long enough that Christianity in America is under persecution. 🤣🤣🤣🤣  The average Christian in this country wouldn't know what persecution was if it walked up to them and smacked them in the head with a Thompson Chain-Reference NIV Bible with a fake leather zip-up cover. (I had one of those.) 

And of course, who would those who are willing to swipe the plastic to send their hard-earned cash to Rev. Bob's Mega-Jesus Explosion Church/Bookstore/Yoga Studio/Crab Shack, vote for?

 You guessed it, Trump.  A thrice married/twice divorced, misogynistic serial adulterer who ran casinos, built gold-plated opulent hotels, golf courses, and dodgy real estate developments financed and over leveraged with loans originating from a German bank more than willing to loan him money even after defaulting on a mountain of existing loans to the point that no US bank would touch Trump with a pole as long as the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Who became a Christian of convenience to woo the God/Guns/America crowd despite mentioning Two Corinthians and standing up in front of a church with a Bible in his hand. Upside down, no less. While telling an armed security detail to use pepper gas against peaceful protestors. If Trump actually tried to read that Bible he was carrying, it would have burst into flame.  I think you guys see the similarities. 

I have no problem with supporting a church. But I'd rather give my money to my local church. That way I can see with my own two eyes where the money's going.  If Holy Cross' priest all of a sudden showed up with a Roller in the parking lot instead of a Volkswagen, I'd know something was up.  But I guess, to each his own.  

Hey, another blog post!!  And a pretty good one too.  I'm really good at pulling these things out of my nether regions. But I'm not very good at ending them.

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