Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Church Is Not A Building.

     A church is not a building, a church is the people who worship in that building. It's a community.  The building is secondary to the community that worships in it. 
     A building is temporary.  A building is fleeting.  It can beautiful, but it can fade away.  The building burns down, is destroyed or is closed, the people either rebuild, find another building or share the building with another congregation.  A strong church community will outlast any building it's housed in. Jesus never placed much emphasis on buildings. He knew they were temporary. Like all things constructed by finite man, buildings would ultimately fall.            He cautioned his followers to not be concerned with earthly treasures. But to lay up for themselves incorruptible treasures in heaven.  Where moths cannot corrupt and thieves cannot break through and steal. 
      Last I remember the New Testament, Jesus preached wherever there were people willing to listen to his message. His disciples preached wherever they could find a place where people could gather.  Could have been in a house, a spare room, an open field.          "Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there also will I be."  
      These days in a world plagued with a pandemic,  those two or three could be gathered together in Jesus' name in a video conferencing situation.  As long as they are gathered together in one accord and in Jesus' name, he promised us that there also he shall be. It would be better if we were all physically together in community, but the spirit of God is still present if we are miles apart in our own homes. This is the situation we find ourselves in today, but God is still God, even through a pandemic.