Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The End of the Great Experiment??

      If there's one painful lesson this COVID-19 bug is teaching us, it's that no matter how much blathering and bluster we spout about America being the greatest, the  richest, the most powerful, God's favored, and just simply the most awesomest country with which the Good Lord has ever chosen to bless this planet, as far as dealing with this COVID-19 problem goes? 

 We suck!

      Hospitals are still dealing with shortages of masks and other PPE's. Trump wants the schools open PDQ, and we have no idea how to balance the safety of students with the faculty and staff who support them. 
      States feeling public pressure to reopen their economies, do so, only to have to lock them down again when people decide to disregard the rules regarding social distancing and wearing masks citing a loss of freedom. 
      Questions abound about whether sports will be back and in what form. And whether we should even care.
      America has always been divided in one form or another since its founding. I mean we had a bunch of slaveholders write a founding document that proclaimed all men are created equal, except for the women they married and the slaves they held. Yet the recent protests and other unpleasantness has served to widen the divide. 
      Both sides of the political, racial and social spectrums are talking AT and PAST each other instead of TO each other. Doom and Gloom are trafficked far and wide on social media and in the news.  Our institutions are being pummeled by fear and mistrust. People are scared, tired, mad, and confused by the mixed messages they see and hear.  

      Could we be seeing the beginning of the end of the Great Experiment? #JustSayin

Monday, July 13, 2020

How God Talks To Me.

      You know, the capacity for humans to complain no matter the circumstances astounds me. 
       Case in point. My work schedule has changed a lot since this Covid-19 bug hit. I'm working double shifts, I'm not really a morning person, despite spending a large portion of my life getting up at 4:30 to spend 16 hour days cooking for a bunch of squids.  I have to get up 1.5 hrs before work to make sure I get my coffee and breakfast. It's a bit of a pain in the ass.
       My body has aches and pains galore. I'm still recovering from my recent hospital stay.   And I grumble inwardly when trudging to work. But then God has to put me in check sometimes. 

       He says, "Hey dumbass! You know how many people lost their jobs when their business shut down?  You know how many people had to go on unemployment?  You know how many people have to put their lives back together after this thing hit?  Do you know why I put it into your head not to have kids? Not to have a significant other?  You have it sooo damn good right now!  
      You lost your Theater Square site. BFD!  But you're now working security at UPMC. You're getting OVERTIME! You're working more hours now than you were at the beginning of the year! Your paychecks are BOOMING right now!  I'm keeping your ungrateful ass out of the hospital!  You could have had a bigger stroke than you did and be totally useless to yourself! 

      That's the way God occasionally talks to me, like an 80's RTC Great Mistakes company commander (Back in those days, they could cuss.) In a way that I can understand.  And he's right. I have it pretty damn good compared to others. It's not the ideal situation, the ideal life, but it works, for me, that is. Take whatever moral you choose out of this.