Thursday, October 01, 2020

Fun With Apple and Boost Mobile.

      The last couple days could be described as “Fun with Apple and Boost.”

       I bought an used IPhone 7 from Boost Mobile a few months ago (mostly to play games, Especially Pokémon Go, yeah I’m THAT guy.)
       Unfortunately, the battery had gotten to the point where I was getting barely a day out of a charge. So I tromp off to the Apple Store to get the battery replaced. 
It sucks that cell phone manufacturers for the most part, no longer allow consumers to replace their own batteries without taking half the phone apart to do so. They’d rather you spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone, or in the case of Android, a phone with the newest version of the operating system. 😡😡😡. But I digress. 
     Well, after waiting two hours for a repair that was supposed to take about 40 mins, the tech at Apple tells me that due to an unspecified issue with the battery in the old phone, they were going to replace THE WHOLE PHONE!!! Huzzah!!  Apple gave me another iPhone 7, same color, same capacity, for the price of the battery replacement, $49!  Now they replaced my phone with a four year old phone that was probably lying around gathering dust in some back room for who knows how long, but I didn't mind, I don't buy new phones anyway.  But give Apple credit, at least they'll up grade a four year old phone with the latest version of the OS.
       Now this won't make me a Apple fanboy, nor will I  build a shrine to Tim Cook in my backyard, but thanks Apple for doing your boy a solid. Now I had to take this phone home and restore from a backup. I have fairly slow WiFi which is why I prefer to stream content from a cellular connection.  But what Apple gives with one hand, they take away with the other. Apple allows you download updates to apps over cellular, but not updates to the OS or restores from backup. Those have to be done over WiFi😡😡😡 It took about 12 hours and change to restore the phone to its original state. Then I had to spend a couple hours on Boost to resolve an issue with the sim card locking itself after a few minutes from a reboot. Fu-un!           Well, eventually I got that issue settled, and know my phone is going along with a nice battery and I am happy again.                     Technology can make our lives easier, but when it chooses not to sit, and stay, but rather run off and get hit by a passing car, it can be a hassle.  
        So ends the 30 days of Pierre. The 58th observance of such. Damn, this month went fast. They all do anymore. God willing I get to do it again next year.               Well, have a good day kids.