Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Election Day 2020 Part Zwei

Being that it is Election Day and by sometime in December or January after all the votes are counted and the various hacking attempts by rogue nations have been foiled... maybe...We finally find out which decrepit old white guy gets to run the country for four more years. 

Because teh Facebook as will other social media platforms will be going especially batshit with vote by vote coverage of one of the most chaotic elections in our country's history by various news outlets with real or imagined news cred, bloggers, vloggers, hacks, freelancers, and anyone with an itch to get their Dan Rather on and the hand-eye coordination to use a notepad and a pen or a handheld voice recorder or even a smartphone, I for one will not be adding to the miasma. (Talk about a run-on sentence, Whew!!) 

At least not in the sense of posting any political posts. I have the day off and I'm going to get some of this early fall crisp air. And I'd suggest most of yinz do too.  After doing my civic duty, I'm going out for a nosh and a beer and whatever other hinky doings I can get myself into. Money will be spent, more books that may not be read in the next ten years may be bought and yours truly has no idea what the hell he's doing beyond that.

I'm not even trying to watch election coverage later this evening. Not like the election will be called five minutes after the polls close anyway. My black ass will be watching YouTube, or Hulu, or maybe even ESPN. Hell, maybe I'll even read a book. Between the ebooks and dead tree books I have in my house I could open The Little House in the Ghetto branch of the Carnegie Library.  

But, aaaanyway, I have to get my mind off these election shenanigans.  As much as I'd love to see the wide beam of Trump in my rear view mirror, if he gets reelected, it won't really affect me in the least. Any tax cuts he passes won't add more than a buck or two to my paycheck, if that. If he gets us into another war, I'm too old to fight. 

I'd just be marking time until 2024 when he finally trades the White House for the Big House when all the crap he's committed since he's claimed presidential immunity from finally catches up with him. Enjoy those fab new bracelets and plush new accommodations, Donny! 

Well, this rant is getting to blog-post length and maybe I'll post it to my blog. (Which nobody reads, but 


if you get a hankering to. Shameless self promotion.😁😁😁) 

Lets just try to keep it civil and remember that even though we are all on different sides of the political spectrum, we all owe each other a duty to be kind to one another, to love one another, to walk circumspectly, to strive to get past all the rinky dink differences between us and embrace the things we have in common. We have minds to think, hearts to love, and a country and world that needs healing. We can overcome our differences...if we want to.

Monday, November 02, 2020

Election Day 2020

     I might need some shinier foil to boost the reception of my tinfoil hat, (Oh, wait. I have a ham radio license I'm not using. I just brush up on antenna theory and...) 
     Err, uh,... As I was saying...but I have a feeling that more than Russia, and Iran are planning to hack our election. Our buddies from North Korea could jump in. China could make an appearance. They've been hacking us for years. (To be fair, we've been hacking them too.) But our attempts to hack their elections are senseless, because those nations have assured that their dictators are there for life. 
      But given the crazy quilt way in which we in the US run our elections, 50+ separate institutions with varying degrees of election security, counting and reporting protocols, and competence among election officials running all sorts of voting apparati (Is that a word??) All produced by, what, three different private voting machine companies, none of which are running open source voting machine software. It's a wonder that America's house of cards election system hasn't collapsed like a long condemned building.
      Plus Covid jumping in to implement its unique amendments to Murphy's Law. Safe to say that the media won't be able to deliver speedy election results this year. Yup, no calling an election five minutes after the polls close THIS year.
       Yes, boys and girls, I think that with all those factors in place. And considering the two men running for President, I think we are well and truly fracked. 😠😠😛😛😛