Saturday, February 13, 2021

Trump Impeachment 2--Electric Boogaloo

Well, now that Trump Impeachment 2--Electric Boogaloo has come and gone with Trump being acquitted as every person with an IQ greater than single digits expected, maybe after the various media outlets and their punditocracy have analyzed the outcome to death, the country can move along to more pressing matters and leave Trump to stew about his future at Mar-A-Lago while playing golf, getting even fatter, and preparing for his next legal obstacles.  

But, if there's one thing Trump hates, it's being ignored. He's a publicity whore. He has to find a way to get back into the spotlight and the news media on all sides, rushing to fill the 24 hour news cycle will gladly oblige. He's gonna be gloating like nobody's business. I doubt that Trump will go away, much less quietly. 

 Unlike previous Presidents who were happy to put their White House years behind them and live some sort of a regular life. Trump is incapable of that. He's hell bent to wring every possible usable bit of hype as a former President as he can. This was his greatest achievement. To be leader of the free world. And he's gonna milk that cow until ALL dem teats is dry!!  

As easily the most controversial former President since, maybe Nixon, Trump has been the given the greatest opportunity to burnish his brand and legacy since "The Apprentice." Look for him to find all sorts of new and exciting ways (to him) to keep his fat face in front of the cameras, by hook or by crook. 

 Trump won't be satisfied just languishing on the golf course. He's got the bit in his teeth and whether we want to see him or not, he'll be out there making the Republicans and his supporters heel, roll over, and sit up and beg. And Trump says he doesn't like dogs...Now he's got about 74 million of them to play fetch. 😁😁😁

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