Thursday, May 20, 2021

A Question for Those Few Republicans Who Live In Cities.

I don't know if I have any Republicans who live within the city limits of whatever city they live in my FB circle.  You pay school taxes to your city’s public schools. You send your kids to your city’s public schools. You pay water bills and sewage bills to your city’s utility companies. You pay property taxes to your city. And by city I mean a CITY! Not a jumped up suburb. A New York, Philly, Washington DC, LA, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Miami, Dallas, Houston.  Those kinds of places.  My question to you is WHY? 

Why do you persist in being a city resident?  Most Republicans, once they get enough money to afford it, they beat feet to the nearest suburb. The reasons are numerous: low crime, low taxes, better schools, better housing, better quality of life, the list goes on and on.  To hear and see suburbanites, especially Republicans in the comment sections of the local fishwrap’s FB pages, they think cities are the Seventh circle of Hell. Rampant crime, high taxes, crappy schools, dirty streets, decaying infrastructure, sketchy homeless people.  But there are still are a few Republicans living within cities. Why? 

Is it that you’re saving up money to make a run for it, eventually?  Is it because the public transportation in your chosen city runs close by your home or place of work/play/shopping, that you’re willing to put up with the problems of city living so you don’t have to travel miles out of the city to a suburb?  Is it because your city’s sports teams, performing and creative art scene, restaurants, nightclubs and social scene make up for your city’s shortcomings?  Does your particular city neighborhood have a certain quirkiness or uniqueness that you like that you wouldn’t find in a suburb?  Are you waiting for your kid/kids to finish high school/college and get out of the house before splitting the city scene for the suburbs? I know there are Democrats who are quick to bounce out of the city, but the suburbs tend to be largely Republican.  And it’s the Repubs, I direct my query to.  Although anyone can answer.

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