Thursday, May 06, 2021

My Name is Pierre.

My name is Pierre. Don't ask me how I got that name. Ask my mother. You might have a hard time getting an honest answer from her as she's been dead since 1985.  

I have a love/hate relationship with the name Pierre. It's unique (At least in this country. In France, not so much.) It's a conversation starter. It hasn't exactly helped me with girls, although I think that my lack of success in that area is due to more pressing reasons. 

Guaranteed if I were to ask 100 people to spell my name at least half will spell it wrong. The number of permutations I've seen my name written on a Starbucks cup approachs the number of stars in the known universe. 

 I have/had numerous family members refer to me as P, Uncle P, Peezer Weezer. My father called me Soup Head. No idea where that one came from. My mother called me Lovebird. Ask her what possessed her to give me that name. But she has been dead for 36 years. So she might not be interested in answering you.  

For a long time I didn't like being referred to as P because of its resemblance to a certain bodily function having to do with the elimination of waste. But I have grown to embrace that single letter nickname and I actually like being referred to as Uncle P. Especially in that unique way that black folks refer to older men. 

Despite my mixed relationship with the name my sainted mother either blessed or burdened me, depending on your viewpoint,. I have had no interest in changing it legally. Partially because it would cost more than I could afford and do you know how much paperwork I'd have to fill out to change my name on all the stuff I've been involved in over the last 58 years? I'll stick with Pierre.  

At least all the girls in high school that I was scared shitless to talk to and admired from afar because they were clearly out of my league are my friends on teh Facebook and some aren't scared to be seen with me in real life (or IRL, as the cool kids would say.😁😁) High school sucked!!

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