Friday, March 26, 2021

What To Do About Yet MoreMass Shootings?

This is merely a thought exercise. It will never happen, it's definitely not constitutional, and it's most likely barbaric and borderline cruel and unusual punishment and brings to mind Judge Dredd. And it's not reflective about how I really feel about this subject. about when the police catch the people involved in mass shootings, instead showing them stuffing the person into a police car/paddy wagon, they just execute them on the spot?  On the news in front of the whole country?  Put a gun to the guy's head (most mass shooters are male) and splatter his brains all over the sidewalk. How about that??? 

At the very least it'll save the justice system time, money and cell space and takes one more foul ball off the street.  It's draconian, it's dystopian and it's clearly not legal, but why not?

Personally, I think we should put people like this in the deepest, darkest, dankest hole in the prison system and never let them see the light of day ever again.  They forfeited their right to live as a human being when they deprived a bunch of innocent people of their lives. Put them away, and forget they ever existed. 

 While we as a country are awash in guns, guns are merely a tool. They can put meat on your table, they can rob an innocent person of their life. It all depends on who uses it.  Remove guns from society, people will just find another way to kill each other. I'm not a gun nut. I don't choose to carry a gun.  I look askance at those who open carry rifles out in the street. I wonder why they have to show off their weaponry. I certainly won't want to talk to them. God only knows what's rattling around in their heads that they have to walk around showing off their shooting irons. 

I don't's just when I hear of another mass shooting, I'm conflicted. I support the 2nd Amendment. I support concealed carrying a gun for self defense. Why you have to brandish a big ol' rifle out in the open is beyond me.  Don't be surprised if I steer clear of you and wonder if you'll shoot me if I look at you funny.