Friday, April 16, 2021

Should We Stay or Should We Go???

Biden says he wants to get out of Afghanistan by 9/11/21. Now I'm no expert on geopolitics or even war. I was a squid who served chow. 

But I think we're screwed whether we stay or whether we get out. The Russians couldn't win in Afghanistan. What gave us the hubris to think we could prevail.  If we leave, the Taliban will end up filling the power vacuum and we'll end up in the same situation we were in on 9/11.

  Twenty years and thousands of lives wasted propping up a country that clearly cannot or will not stand on its own two feet. 

 But how much longer can we stay there?

  It's like we're stuck in quicksand.  Russia, China and North Korea are ruled by strongmen who vote themselves lifetime terms in office, and looking to start some shit against the US. They clearly are looking to change the world order. And they figure the best way to do that is to take us down. And as much as I'm tired of the US being the world's policeman, letting them be in charge doesn't seem to be in the planet's best interest.  Democracy has its problems but it is the equivalent of the valedictorian of reform school. 

I don't think war with any one or all three is imminent, but they could be licking their chops to start something with us after twenty years of spinning our wheels in Afghanistan. 

Look at us. We're demoralized, divided, our military has been downsized to a shell of its former self. Groups like the Taliban are willing to play the long game. But we aren't. Patience isn't exactly an American virtue in 2021. These days, we like our wars, quick, cheap and as unobtrusive as possible.  After all, we have to make sure we don't miss The Bachelor. 

I don't have a damn clue about how we get out of Afghanistan without it hurting a lot one way or another.  Thoughts on all this by those who are smarter in all this than I am. 

Educate me.