Thursday, April 29, 2021

Don't Really Grok Big Time Sports Anymore.

At one time, I kinda cared about who the Stillers drafted in the first round. But these days, with my feelings about major professional and college sports on the wane, personally I don't care. 

I just don't get into the off-season horse trading and politicking, the money math and educated guessing...ur, hypothesizing about drafts and trades that goes into big time pro sports. Trying to explain the dark art of salary cap manipulation to me is like explaining quantum mechanics to my little buddy, JB.  Then again as smart as he is, he could grok quantum mechanics as well as how the salary cap works better than I could. 

I don't listen to the sports radio yakkers. I do subscribe to DKPS (mostly because of the development of a legit up and coming local sports media outlet that competes with the big boys) and The Athletic, but I don't really spend much time on them these days. Not really much of a sports fan anymore.  

Ironic coming from a sports management major. (I had a passing interest in the back office world of sports and Sports Management was one of the few majors RMU offered in the 90's that didn't require calculus. 🤮)

Don't really care about the Pirates nor the Penguins.  The Penguins priced themselves out of my reach years ago. Plus the Pirates...are the Pirates. And baseball bores me to no end.    if the Stillers win, they win. If they don't, I don't miss any sleep.

News flash, Yinzers! The world doesn't end if the Stillers don't make the Super Bowl! 

 Didn't go to the Big University in Oakland that Blocks Out The Sun in Pittsburgh. I'm more interested in the grassroots sports in Pittsburgh. The Riverhounds, my alma mater Robert Morris, the teams and school that don't get all the attention. The teams that require an investment of loyalty. The teams the local sports media industrial complex don't send reporters to cover, much less don't know they exist.  Especially in college. I don't get supporting a school you didn't earn a degree from, much less attend.  Any swinging dick can root for the big major sports teams in town. Takes loyalty to root for a sport or a team or school  playing on the fringes.